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CashRamHomeLearn is a new way to learn and subtract simple numbers using just your brain, no pen and paper required. It's sometimes called mental arithmetic probably because it often drives many students crazy in the classroom.
It is possibly the most scary thing in school for many children so here we try to make it fun to learn how to quickly add or subtract simple numbers.

Also we want to give the student an extra incentive to learn easily so here at CashRamHomeLearn it is possible to have someone sponsor you so you can get paid real money when you answer a complete group of questions correctly. Profit is the motive for all businesses.  No business is there to make a loss unless it is run by a Socialist government.

To play the game you must have a CashRamSpam email account which is free to open. (click on the icon on the right) Next, log in using your CashRamSpam ID and password. Now you will come to a site were you can play and keep your score and see your ranking. On the right you can see the word Sponsor. If some one else with a CashRamSpam account clicks on that then they can pay you for getting the answers right!! Here they can put up an amount of money that can be won by you. Also they can say what type of questions should be answered to win the money and how fast you have to be to do it. Anyway give it a try and see how quickly you can learn to do 'crazy' arithmetic.




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